Dynamics 365 for CRM

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications for CRM – Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Field Service, Project Service Automation – connect all areas of your business, accelerating growth and seizing new opportunities. These scalable, modular-based business applications that are based on Microsoft Dataverse (former the Common Data Service) can enhance the business processes by becoming a real-time customer data platform within your organisation. At Global Mediator we create integrated solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM, applying all benefits of Azure cloud architecture, setting up smooth data exchange via API with any internal system – MS 365 Business Central, SharePoint, website etc., building complex flows with Power Automate and much more.

The Overview

Microsoft Business Applications for CRM connects your team with customers, providing related data and insights from any device. Enriched customer experience is created by using multi-level analysis of preferences, possible upselling and cross-selling options, etc. Using a cloud-based CRM system is a must-have to keep the pace of business in the digital era. Customisation of the system regarding industry profile is one of the top priorities of the implementation process, defining business logic, needed integration with internal systems – MS 365 Business Central, F&O, booking systems etc. – and business flows. Cloud-based Azure hosting by Microsoft streamlines the execution of security policies, simplifying the architecture for access and authorization to the system.
is Dynamics 365 for CRM for?
  • Saving resources by streamlining sales, marketing and customer service workflows within one connected system
  • Innovating quickly based on extended customer data (including behaviour patterns, customer service feedback, social media responses etc.)
  • Improving cross-selling and upselling within an organisation
  • Enhancing the customer data analysis and providing better customer service
  • Optimising marketing strategies and expenses by focusing on defined target groups
is this for?
  • B2B and B2C businesses that are looking for maximising customer lifetime value and accelerating sales growth
  • Small and medium businesses that address high competition
  • Organisations that are focusing on increasing profit margin within a specific market segment
  • Companies that define building relationship with customers as a key business success factor
Client Cases
  • Define CRM requirements
  • Clarify business case
  • Define the optimal set of Microsoft Business Applications for CRM purposes according to specific goals
  • Identify integrations that will be beneficial for the business flows within an organisation (Business Central, SharePoint, Teams etc.)
  • Set-up QA team for the project if needed
  • Deployment of the development
  • Training end-users
  • Support of the solution
  • Practices

    Business Process Analysis

    Gap Analysis

    Requirements Driven Development

    Continuous Delivery and Integration

    Scalable Solution









    Logistics and transportation



    of what we do for you

    essential services rendered by Global Mediator around Dynamics 365 for CRM include:

    • Full application development
    • PowerApps Portals
    • Azure logic apps
    • Complex development with 3-party integrations
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