Cooperative modelling tailored to your needs

Why us
At Global Mediator, we build a trusting partnership while delivering complex cross-platform projects and assignments. Our customers and partners recommend working with us as our cooperation is:
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Tailored to business needs
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Scalable / stable / secure
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Reduced operational expenses
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No start-up, lock-in or exit fees
Define your option
Multiple options are available to start cooperation with Global Mediator. Together we define the level of responsibility, control and risk you wish to operate with – from our dedicated development team to project work or managed services. That are tailored to fit your needs best.
What you get?
  • Extensive expertise of IT engineers and troubleshooters
  • Scandinavian mindset and culture within your team
  • Scalability
  • Control over scope and workload
  • Flexibility to extend the skillset if needed
Who is this for?
  • Businesses with a continually changing workflow
  • Companies with middle- and long-term projects
  • Businesses with more complex solutions and multiple integrations
What you get?
  • We can manage all phases of development
  • Multi-functional (including QA) and the cross-platform team is engaged
  • Best industry practices applied to your project
  • Development cost is defined upfront
Who is this for?
  • Companies that want to set up a short project as a starter of the cooperation
  • Businesses that have strictly defined scope to be delivered to a specific date
  • Companies that mix technologies and times zones
What you get?
  • Delegated IT services to the ISO certified trusted provider
  • Wide range of services rendered – from cloud infrastructure, IT security, SDLC, QA-as-a-service, customer support etc
  • A predictable cost for maintaining support
  • A service provided on an ongoing contractual basis
Who is this for?
  • Businesses that require regular help with a set of defined IT services
  • Companies that want to access a high level of IT services without extending an in-house team
  • Businesses eager to improve efficiency, risk and incident management within the organisation
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