Committed to people, processes and data


We support an iterative adjustment of our customers' data analysis and business processes by designing, developing and supporting software solutions that make the most out of the available technology.

In a rapidly changing world, we help businesses use best-practice technologies and applications. By leveraging the latest software technology without being unnecessarily exposed to long-term investments, we enable them to compete more effectively.


To ensure that the inclusive, trusting and collaborative style of Scandinavian leadership is core to our actions. To live it in a natural way, negotiating the fast pace of change thus ensuring that we are not waiting for the future to begin. We help lead the way.

To operate as a learning organisation renowned for its competence, cost effectiveness and integrity. To empower people to continuously strengthen our abilities around solid software engineering of business processes, process automation and data science.

Facts and figures
50 +
skilled software engineers
8 +
years track record
40 %
annual growth rate
< 10 %
attrition rate
> 95 %
customers EU based
countries we work in
We are recognized by the professional community for our steady growth and development in the IT engineering sphere.
  • 2018 Gazelle Award
    from financial Newspaper Boersen
  • 2019 Gazelle Award
    from financial Newspaper Boersen
  • 2020 Gazelle Award
    from financial Newspaper Boersen
Management team
Christian Holst-Jensen
Christian combines solid senior management experience from providing IT services and product solutions internationally with management consulting experience focused on industry and financial services. In a world changing at an ever increasing rate, he is used to leveraging the latest standard technologies and applications from recognized global vendors to support critical business processes. As CEO, Christian build stable long-term relationships with partners and customers as he sees this as a fundamental requirement for dealing with complex data and processes. As a result, he plots a financial stable course for the company that ensures that it is both profitable and self-financed. Prior to founding Global Mediator, Christian spent a decade in management consulting and a decade in international business development for software services and products – this included running an international +300 partner distribution network. Christian has a background in Computer Science with a Master Degree from Aarhus University, Denmark.
Niсolai Krarup
Nicolai sees constant change and adaptation as the only long lasting competitive advantage. In a world that evolves rapidly, organisations must learn to stay relevant. In his view, continuous growth combined with the satisfaction and retention of both customers and team members, is one of the primary measures of long-term success – especially, when it comes to working with complex data and processes. As COO, Nicolai strives to operate Global Mediator as a Scandinavian style learning organisation recognized for its competence, cost effectiveness and integrity, while empowering its people to continuously strengthen their abilities around business process analysis, business process automation and data science. Prior to joining Global Mediator, Nicolai worked in change management and business development in various parts of the world – he has been part of senior management teams in Asia, Europe and North America. Nicolai holds an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Olesya Lukyanenko
Olesya’s biggest passion is finding the right people for our team ensuring the perfect match between skillset, personality, cultural fit and values that Global Mediator lives. Empathy is among her strengths and she leverages it to reflect what we care about the most – the individual. Exceptional newcomer experience is the backbone of a successful onboarding process, so she introduces the induction program by tracking mutual expectations constantly along the way. Having worked in the "Red Bull" company for the previous 10 years, Olesya now helps to implement initiatives that drive engagement, retention and development of strengths and talents of our people. As we grow, she makes sure we do things differently, challenging the status-quo, but still staying flat and non-bureaucratic organization with a high level of freedom, distributed responsibility and accountability. Olesya has a talent for supporting trustful relationships within a team. As a result, for us it’s not a regular 9 to 6 job, it’s a lifestyle we truly enjoy!
Evgeny Buriak
Evgeny lives and breathes for data and business processes. Starting with Microsoft Dynamics in 2004, he has been involved with organizing development in and around ERP systems helping customers overcome challenges, new feature development, add-on solutions, integrations, test automation and much more. Evgeny always encourages people to positively challenge them self and he has a natural flair for building the right project team with the required skills to organize the work, drive priorities and deliver what the customers expect when they expect it. As Director of Global Delivery, Evgeny manages people to make sure that skills are utilized, people challenged and partners receive the expected results. In the process he actively drives cost allocation, resource planning, tools and methodologies. Prior to joining Global Mediator, Evgeny was the NAV division manager in charge of 30+ specialists in Celenia Software. Evgeny has a background in Computer Science with a Master Degree from the Kyiv Polytechnic University, Ukraine.
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