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Reimplementing or updating your business application often leaves customers with the challenge of mapping their old tailored process to new functionality and standard processes in the new application. Global Mediator gives decision-makers the insights they need to understand and transform their business, improve their customer experience, and deliver increased business value. We document, analyze and streamline complex processes, helping business improve productivity, quality, agility and effectiveness.

Business Process Analysis Overview

Processes vary depending on the industry, size of business and the type of applications used, but they all have a lifecycle from the beginning to end that can be mapped and improved. Business Process Analysis is simply a cross-set of disciplines aimed at understanding a process and improving the effectiveness of its operation in general or through its separate phases. Many businesses increasingly choose to align their processes to use as much of the standard functionality in their chosen suite of business applications as possible. While this is by far the most cost-effective way to make sure that your systems can keep up with future demands, it adds some complexity to the task; you not only have to know the business processes but must have a strong knowledge of the technology landscape in which the processes are run. Different technologies output different solutions depending on customer need.

is it?
  • Business analysis identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems
  • Solutions are typically software-systems development, as well as process improvement, organisational change suggestions or strategic planning and policy
  • Conducting feasibility studies relative to business needs
  • Scoping and defining new business opportunities
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is this for?
  • Сompanies looking to improve customer satisfaction by accelerating turnaround times for decision making
  • Businesses looking for business process efficiency
  • Companies looking to optimize the use of their current suite of business applications
  • Businesses wishing to have an increased focus on data-driven decision making to improve productivity
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you get:

Process review report containing analysis and suggestion for improvements

Recommendation on how to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum risk by proposing standardized approaches vs. advanced

Reduced time for solution implementation

Report confirming desired level of efficiency has been delivered to end customer

Fit/Gap analysis report

Requirements specification and estimate for relevant software development

Client Cases

Frequent start is with a workshop kick-off, basic Value Chain analysis (M. Porter), UML 2, legacy code check, formal and informal documentation observation, process mapping, risks management, prototyping (simulating targeted output), build process improvement roadmap, etc.

Gap Analysis

Value-added analysis

Root Cause Analysis


Experience Examination

These are some of our people specialized and working with this.
Vasyl Mykhalevych
MS NAV Software Development Engineer
Oleksandr Klymenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
Tetiana Falaleeva
Robotics Process Automation Software Developer
Sergey Basenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer

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