Business Applications Academy: the upcoming educational initiative from Global Mediator

June 9, 2021

Why the best professionals are the ones nurtured in-house?

At Global Mediator we know first-hand that people are a company’s major asset and the core of business success. We strongly believe that investing in talents is a win-win strategy that is justified in the long run. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce the launch of Global Mediator Business Applications Academy – the interactive practical programme for those who want to master Business Central Development and join our impactful teams this summer.

At the centre of Microsoft strategy

As one of the major Business Central software engineering houses in Eastern Europe, we have seen how business applications have moved from the fringes to the centre of Microsoft strategy. With partners, the Microsoft tech stack of stable and high-quality products is increasingly used to help companies improve their critical business processes. And, as the market grows finding well trained BC engineers is not an easy call. So, by nurturing qualified BC developers in-house we will both bring new dynamics to our teams and contribute to enriching the pool of the new generation IT specialists.

“We believe in a long-term and mutually rewarding relationship between companies and professionals. We spare no time and effort in helping bright individuals on their journey from junior to senior specialists.”

Nicolai Krarup, COO at Global Mediator

Growing the right talents

The Academy is aimed at training the newcomers in the new area of cloud solutions with the needed understanding of financial software, rather than reshaping experienced developers to enjoy working with high performance distributed architecture – anyway, we need both sets of experiences. The key is to raise the future-ready professionals who enjoy the freedom of decision-making and willingly share the company’s values. That is exactly what we want to do in the Academy – onboard the exceptional individuals who will make difference and think out of the box instead of going with the flow. Fast forward a month or two and you get an energetic junior software engineer ready to implement Global Mediator’s best practices and provide customer-oriented, cost-efficient bespoke solutions.

“If you are inspired to create the business application of tomorrow, what would you start to learn? Maybe you can start with a modern development language, powered by modern development tools. Or maybe learn about modern user experiences that look great on the web and across modern devices. Or perhaps you will dive deep into always evolving cloud technologies, trusted platforms, and world class services.”

Ievgenii Korovin, Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learning an international mindset

At Global Mediator we have built a strong Scandinavian project culture in dynamics in Eastern Europe, effectively merging the best of the two worlds. We empower the professionals who join us to be the real game-changers. At Global Mediator, Business Central development is not simply about coding itself, it is about critical thinking and a problem-solving approach, taking responsibility and making an impact. The flat organisational structure without unnecessary middlemen facilitates direct communication between our engineers and international customers. Naturally, continuous self-learning, a high level of English and the ability to live our business principles is expected from our applicants and future teammates. Our focus is to help our customers improve their business and we arm our software engineers to provide recommendations for improvement instead of just following requirements.

Developing the skills of tomorrow

The Academy will help develop the right tech and soft skills, and after graduation, customers will contract tech-savvy and open-minded software developers. Becoming a BC software engineer at Global Mediator is more than becoming a developer – in addition to coding, it means grasping business process basics and staying on track with the latest technologies. Professional life in the area requires a profound technical background, so the Academy is a good springboard for senior Technical or IT disciplines undergraduates looking for a promising career path or graduates, who are willing to train for a new occupation. We know the inside outs of the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and have the coding standards of MS Business Central in our DNA. Our mentors will eagerly share our best practices with broad-minded and persistent candidates.

“There is always something to learn and master when we talk about business applications. Join the league, learn the skills, master your craft. The world is looking forward to seeing what you will be able to build.”

Ievgenii Korovin, Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learning by doing

The trainees will be getting a real life experience straight ahead as the training cases resemble the real challenges and require the best practice application. Our most talented and skilled software engineers will mentor the trainees and help to dive into the BC coding processes. The team will support the applicants during this challenging period and share their extensive experience and funny work-related stories to make the start of the professional path unforgettable and atmospheric. This is similar to the way we work on a daily basis, we always try to encourage our people to continue to learn and we appreciate the opportunity to help people grow.

The bottom line

Located in Kyiv – the heart of one of Europe’s largest IT talent pools, Global Mediator is in a unique position to develop the talents needed to improve our customers’ business. Being a pragmatic organisation, we also believe that “he who has the ability has the obligation”. Treated and taught in the right way, the well-trained newcomers will likely become appreciated specialists, loyal teammates and satisfied consultants. The customised solutions are delivered on time and customers deal with the same experienced professionals project after project. Ultimately, solid and motivated teams benefit businesses, our own and those of our customers.

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