Bespoke solutions for Business Central to push operations to the next level

May 11, 2021
In order to refurbish the ERP system in an international online store, Curabis invited Global Mediator as a software engineering partner to participate in the project. Curabis needed a bespoke solution to optimise the system and use its capacity in full to accelerate business processes. To successfully accomplish the mission, the software engineers had to attain the following goals:
  • Upgrade Microsoft NAV 2018 to one of the latest versions of Business Central.
  • Integrate the Business Central with Thetis IMS, an external system used by a logistic service streamlining the business process.
  • Optimise the system operations to reduce delivery time worldwide.
  • Configure smooth and secured authorization processes for the system's users.
“Our expectation as a partner was a profound experience in software engineering and a deep understanding of our needs. A strong bond between the teams was needed to reach an optimal solution for our Business Central agenda.”
- Steffen Zwicki Meulengracht, CEO at Curabis ApS
  • To get off to a good start, the engineers successfully upgraded the online shop’s ERP system to one of the latest versions of Business Central.
  • Successful integration of the two systems - Dynamics 365 BC and Thetis IMS - pushed the business forward. Tiresome manual processes turned into seamless automated operations. The communication between the systems and order handling accelerated.
  • The worldwide delivery period reduced drastically because of the integration. The whole circle starting from order placement to successful delivery notification now happens three times faster.
  • The data security rose to a new level since the system had moved to the cloud. Engineers configured user access with OAuth 2 protocols to provide powerful data protection.
  • The team initiated and conducted additional activities along the cooperation process:
  • To reduce memory consumption, obsolete database elements were removed.
  • To avoid data losses and damage risks along the development process, the engineers set up Sandbox Environments for Business Central.
  • To operate as efficiently as possible, the engineering team applied best practices and developed ERP extensions to transfer any additional information.
  • Quality Assurance was implemented during the data upgrade to eliminate bugs in further development stages.
MS Dynamics 365 Business Central 17.5
Oauth 2
Amazon Web Services
Spira Test
“Contracting Global Mediator was a success. We got what we needed – a comprehensive solution and more – a dependable partner with strong technical expertise.”
- Steffen Zwicki Meulengracht, CEO at Curabis ApS
engineers and QA
Man-hours reduced
Faster order processing and worldwide delivery
About our customer
Curabis is a Danish enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and development. They assist businesses in digitising their processes with MS Dynamics 365 solutions and minimizing daily manual routine. Curabis provides solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises experienced in the trade, retail, inventory management, etc.
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