QA-As-a-Service managed services

GM’s QA-as-a-Service offer a full range of software testing solutions and services to help maintain stability, reduce cost and improve productivity. We collaborate with you to provide high-performing, cost effective testing solutions that help accelerate delivery, improve quality and enhance the support across portfolio of business applications. Our extensive experience produces tangible business results for our clients.


Lets define QA-as-a-Service

The world has changed over the last decade and current market dynamics demand faster test cycles, improved testing efficiency, reduced time to deployment, and improved software quality at lower costs. High-quality testing requires meticulous planning, skilled resources, the right processes, effective tools, and a focus on knowledge management.

One of the ways to achieve that is QA-as-a-Service (really it’s a Managed Testing Service), which offers IT organizations a business-driven structured testing methodology, well-defined governance procedure, comprehensive documentation on test processes, standardized processes, and clear service level agreements. Outsourcing the software testing function to a GM enables our customers to focus on business development activities while concurrently ensuring significant improvements in product quality.

is the scope of QA services offered?
is this for?
This is for businesses:
  • With a lack of development QA resources to match new requirements
  • Increase speed-to-market for new applications
  • Needing improved test planning, management and governance that minimizes the risk of business disruption and better address your unique business challenges
  • Enhanced application quality and performance by identifying and fixing errors early in the application life cycle.
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Client Cases
How it works
Continuous managed services

Life Cycle Testing

Test Process Consulting

Test Tools Evaluation and Recommendation

Specialized Testing

  • Application Migration
  • Interoperability
  • Accessibility Testing

Security Testing

  • Complete end-to-end security testing strategy for different environments
  • Verify Authentication, Authorization and Auditing at different levels

User Acceptance Testing

  • Complete Traceability from user requirements to defects
  • Ensure stability and reliability in intended environment
  • Ensure zero defects in critical systems
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System Integration Testing

Regression Testing Services

  • Apply domain and technical expertise to access and localize overall impacts due to changes
  • Automation scripts for business critical Regression Test Sets (RTS) reduce testing cycle time

Test Automation Services

  • Test automation creation
  • Implementation
  • Support and Maintenance

Functional Testing

  • Reduced Human Error and efforts in Test Execution per iteration due to automation
  • Test Automation scripting for functional requirements mapping to defects
  • Platform based test execution capability

GUI Based Testing

  • Interface verification according to domain/industry applicable standards
  • Verification of Navigational flow as per business domain

Performance Testing

  • Perform testing on the expected live load during development
  • Measure performance levels for load/stress before moving to production environment
  • Testing: Load, Volume, Stress, Scalability

TDD – Test Driven Development


Logistics and Transportation
Egg and poultry industry
These are some of our people specialized and working with this.
Olga Klymenko
QA engineer/NAV Support Specialist
Vladyslav Stepovyi
.NET Developer
Oleksandr Paziuk
Python Developer
Oleksandr Nesteruk
.NET Developer
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