Evgeny Buriak

Evgeny lives and breathes data and business processes. Starting with Microsoft Dynamics in 2004, he has been involved with organizing development in and around ERP systems helping customers overcome challenges new feature development, add-on solutions, integrations, test automation and much more. Evgeny always encourages people to positively challenge themselves and he has a natural flair for building the right project team with the required skills to organize the work, drive priorities and deliver what the customers expect when they expect it. As Director of Delivery, Evgeny manages people to make sure that skills are utilized, people challenged and partners receive the expected results. In the process he actively drives cost allocation, resource planning, tools and methodologies. Prior to joining Global Mediator, Evgeny was the NAV division manager in charge of 30+ specialists in Celenia Software. Evgeny has a background in Computer Science with a Master Degree from the Kyiv Polytechnic University, Ukraine.