Olesya Lukyanenko

Olesya’s biggest passion is to find the right people for our team ensuring the perfect match between skillset, personality, cultural fit and values that Global Mediator lives. Empathy is among her strengths and she leverages it to reflect what we care about the most – the individual. Exceptional newcomer experience is the backbone of a successful onboarding process, so she introduces the induction program by tracking mutual expectations constantly along the way. Having worked in Red Bull company for the previous 10 years Olesya now helps to implement initiatives that drive engagement, retention and development of strengths and talents of our people. As we grow, she makes sure we do things differently, challenging status-quo, but still staying flat and non-bureaucratic organization with a high level of freedom, distributed responsibility and accountability. Olesya has a talent for supporting trustful relationships within a team. As a result, for us it’s not a regular job from 9 to 6, it’s a lifestyle we truly enjoy!