Simon Kaastrup-Olsen

Simon K
Simon has extensive international experience from scaling both product and service organizations in the rapidly changing information technology industry. He is constantly curious about trends, changes and opportunities in the technology landscape that can be applied to give both Global Mediator and our customers a competitive advantage. As CSO, Simon not only maps the course in an ever changing landscape of technology and best practices. He actively drives our efforts to build an even stronger organizational skill set with enhanced agility, be it in product and service development, administrative processes or in our customer communication. Prior to joining Global Mediator, Simon helped scale a department of 30 technical people to a consulting and software development services division of +200 people. He has co-founded two companies, one of which provided a fantasy sports platform to both Unibet and OurGame (500 million users). Simon holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from Copenhagen Business School(CBS), Denmark.