Business Process Analysis

GM Business Process Analysis service

GMs business process analysis services give business managers, business analysts, and architects the viewpoints, analytics, and decision-making insights they need to understand and transform their business, improve their customer experience, and deliver increased business value. GM documents, analyzes and streamlines complex processes, thereby improving productivity, increasing quality, and helping its customers to be more agile and effective.


Business Process Analysis overview

Business process analysis (BPA) is the analysis of business operations classified into processes, or a series of related tasks. The observation revolves around the specific ways in which processes behave during a life-cycle from the beginning to end.


BPA is a cross-set of disciplines aimed at understanding a process and improving the effectiveness of its operation in general or through its separate phases.


There are many kinds of business process analysis tools used in the IT industry in general. Different tools output different results depending on the customer need. These types of software products and services help business leaders analyze processes in different ways, e.g. through diagramming, flow charts, advanced visual interfaces, analysis for performance and scalability purposes, benchmarking and other methods.

is it?
  • Business analysis identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems
  • Solutions are typically software-systems development, as well as process improvement, organizational change suggestions or strategic planning and policy.
  • Conducting feasibility studies relative to business needs
  • Scoping and defining new business opportunities
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is this for?
  • For companies looking to improve business process efficiency
  • Define relevant procedures, identify risks and enable risk control
  • Identification of more data for increased focus on data-driven decision making
  • Business process analysis leads to increased end-user satisfaction through optimization
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you get?

Process review report containing analysis and suggestion for improvements

Recommendation on how to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum risk by proposing standardized approaches vs. advanced

Reduced time for solution implementation

Report confirming desired level of efficiency has been delivered to end-customer

Fit/Gap analysis report

Requirements specification and estimate for relevant software development

Detailed development plan and roadmap with key milestones.