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Before customers and developers begin building new software together, it is important that both parties have a clear understanding of the end goal.
A requirements workshop can lay the foundation for a successful product development leaving all parties involved with a firm understanding of the project’s objective and how to reach it.

is it?
  • A “requirements workshop” defines the project’s goals (product backlog), as well as the individual steps necessary for their completion (user stories), resulting in a shared and actionable product vision
  • The requirements laid out in the Product Backlog are prioritized, forming a simple, goal-oriented workflow based on customer wishes. In this way, the most important aspects of the project are realized in the highest quality, before the implementation of less important features and nice-to-haves
  • As output of a workshop Global Mediator will deliver a Software Requirements Specification for the initial months of development or a minimum viable product (MVP)
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) backlog
Software Requirements Specification document
Initial estimate for software development costs
Best practices
for building an effective Product Backlog
Keep your eye on the prize - the product vision
See through the eye of the user - the user’s role
Features of success - the product backlog
Knowing what’s important - prioritizing the backlog
to have a workshop?
  • The software industry has for decades - and still is - plagued by poor deliveries. Research shows that it’s usually around project requirements it goes wrong. Hence, frequent workshops are good, but paramount to take a new project onboard.

Brown paper bag - exercises, Post-its & a wall, 2-3 days of intense collaborative scope discussions

of workshops
  • Exhaustive Knowledge Transfer session avoiding cost overrun
  • They speed up productive time of developers
  • Workshops decrease the time spent on non-value adding features
  • Fundamentally increases project success rate
  • Workshops - contrary to popular belief - do not slow-down ramp-up time or start of development
  • Workshops greatly increase accuracy of estimates and deliveries
  • Gives quality input for project resolution to all parties involved



The cost of making changes to the scope (project) can be a high if the scope is not clearly defined. Workshops reduce costs that may otherwise occur later in a software development life cycle.


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Director of Delivery
Oleksandr Klymenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
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MS NAV Software Development Engineer

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