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At Global Mediator we engage with our customers as a Scandinavian company would. As such, we cooperate on the basis of mutual trust, transparency, along with a strong desire for continuous improvement. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the business case as a business partner.
We empower our people to collaborate and deliver results in a flat and non-bureaucratic structure. This enables us to minimize supervisory roles and work with a lean governance structure while being compliant with today’s IT security requirements. We believe this strengthens the team commitment and gives our customers a better result.
Working with Global Mediator has been a very positive experience. Everyone on our team has the right skills and the right mentality in working with a fast-moving startup, in a process where the plan is often not completely clear. Global Mediator is more than just another vendor, they are a partner in our journey to deliver autonomous mobility, contributing in software development, agile project management and even in shaping and validating the requirements of our customers and employees.
Christian Bering Pedersen
Director of Technology, Data and Operations
Autonomous public transport
Holo creates the autonomous mobility service of the future. An exciting collaboration on mobile, API, data and dashboards.
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