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Meta UI: better interaction with business data

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Maersk Broker: enhancing portal UI for a global shipbroker

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ERP | Dynamics is in our DNA
ERP can improve business responsiveness and release untapped potential. At Global Mediator we develop core functionality, reimplement, integrate and migrate systems - all the time. ERP | Dynamics is at the core of what we do.
Transform your business processes
Business processes increase profitability and give you the right insight. It makes your organisation a lot more agile. Global Mediator helps simplify, streamline and automate business processes. Your success is our goal.
Data management as the key to your success
Better data structure, visualisation and machine learning will strengthen your company. Global Mediator works with multiple data sources, legacy data and compliance issues. We bring data together to create more relevant business insights for you.

Global Mediator has helped companies to bridge opportunities with innovation since 2012.

We work side-by-side with financial professionals to leverage the latest technology. Having earned such trust is a privilege that drives us. Global Mediator engineers the foundation of their digital leadership.
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Your data & processes: New operational excellence

"A business never gets to the point where it has the ideal model. The world is changing so fast around us. Even in a business that you think is stable and predictable, the operating model needs to continue to evolve, just given what technology is doing."
Manik Jhangiani, CFO Coca-Cola European Partners

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