Our Data Management Services

GMs data management services include development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of any small or medium-sized enterprise. The goal of data management (DM) is to maximise relevance, minimize errors, improve efficiency and the quality of data.  


Data Management overview

Data management encompasses a variety of different techniques from creation to processing, utilization and deletion, the facilitation and the control of data and its flow. Data management is implemented through a cohesive infrastructure of technological resources and a governing framework that define the administrative business processes used throughout the life cycle of data.

is data management?
  • Design and implement efficient and secure procedures for data handling
  • Design and analyse data architectures
  • Design and implement data warehousing
  • Manage databases
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is this for?
  • For all businesses collecting and storing data and information
  • For businesses relying on relevant data in their day to day operations
  • For businesses to minimize data movement
  • For a new focus on improved productivity
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Client Cases
How it works

Ensuring data relevancy through optimization, modernization, conversion

Reduce overhead through the reduction of errors in data errors

Faster resolution of business needs through Improved data quality

Protect the data in fail-safe systems and against catastrophic breakdowns

Use modern data warehousing solutions for secure and optimized storage and access.

These are some of our people specialized and working with this.
Anastasiia Sakhnenko
Data Management Specialist
Oleksii Khomenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
Oleksandr Klymenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
Iurii Kushniruk
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
Sergey Basenko
MS NAV Senior Software Development Engineer
Petro Bufan
MS NAV Software Development Engineer
of what we do for you

Common services rendered by Global Mediator around Data Management

  • Data analysis and feasibility study
  • Data preparation, conversion, implementation & validation
  • Data verification
  • Data Warehouse (Oracle, MySQL, SQL, Teradata)
  • Develop data optimization strategy
  • Data migration
  • Data integrity optimization (using NAV API's or Foxtrot, Rapise)
  • Analytics, usage and performance report development
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